What is PhpBB Hosting?

To Learn about PhpBB Hosting, one has to understand the workings of the internet, specifications that enable websites and blogs to operate as they do and the role forums and bulletin boards play in allowing information to flow and conversations to initiate. PhpBB is an abbreviation standing for PHP Bulletin board, in this case a bulletin board sometimes termed as a message or discussion board, usually synonymous with forums and discussions on the internet, as such breaking PhpBB down as a bulletin board software crafted using PHP programming.

PhpBB is central to many activities on the internet, a free open source software with which internet users clustered around specific websites can best stay connected with each other, the software designed to allow web developers to expedite the process of creating forums, cutting it down to mere minutes via a vast database of styles and themes, easily modified by users to create highly complex yet aesthetically alluring designs.

Being an open source software, PhpBB is also free of any purchasing or licensing fees, designed with compatibility in mind, supporting database systems such as Microsoft Access, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, the software designed for ease of use, this theme augmented by its very friendly management and administration panel as well as insightful FAQs.

Basically PhpBB is the number one choice for creating vibrant communities on websites, endowed with features such as:
-Easy installation.
-Template customization.
-Forums (both private and public).
-Interface compatible with multiple languages.
-Unlimited forum members.
-Friendly admin panel.
-Powerful security systems with complex authorization protocols and encryption mechanisms.
-Search facility.
-Flexible messaging system.
-Vast PhpBB community to provide support.

As one of the oldest forum programs on the internet PhpBB is constantly undergoing upgrades and improvements in all facets of its operation, specifically in preexisting features such as Private messaging, search tools and user management, while injecting newer features designed to improve the discussion board experience such as Attachments, warnings and reports, User control panel and custom BB codes, all available since PhpBB’s 3rd 2007 version.

A good web hosting provider can go a long way in ensuring the success of your PhpBB forum. We suggest you read reviews of several providers before you zero down on one. Godaddy is a decent provider that you can consider. You may like to check out Godaddy new domain coupon.

To learn about PhpBB hosting one must understand the requirements involved in installing and executing the software and accessing its many features, these divided as such:

PhpBB Hosting Server requirements:
PHP4 and 5 programming languages – dealing with the architecture.
Apache 1.3, 2.0, 2.2, Microsoft IIS, Lighttpd and Nginx Web servers – dealing with the deliverance of the forum to users.

Database requirements, dealing with storage of forum data, will include MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server and Postgresql.

Operating systems requirements – Mac OS, BSD Unix, Windows, Linux/GNU.

Client requirements:
Browsers – Mozilla, Google chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Konqueror.
AJAX plugins

PhpBB will support a multiplicity of languages, including Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Portuguese, Belarusian. PhpBB is also compatible with a variety of smartphones, including the iPhone, Android, HPwebOS, Windows phone 7, Black berry and Symbian phones, with applications distributed through multiple stores and avenues, including Android market, Blackberry App world, Apple store and the Nokia Ovi store.

Choosing the perfect PhpBB host provider requires an analysis of the features on offer, emphasis placed upon:

Uptime, with hosts expected to provide servers optimized for peak phpBB performance capabilities, hardware systems configured for incredible speeds, with account security ensured through isolation and a constant and reliable monitoring system to ensure 99% uptime. One web host that guarantees 99.99% uptime is Siteground. Read more at http://www.celebrateall.org/hosting-coupons/siteground

Reliable customer support staff to assist in phpBB installation, with 24/7 availability, easy accessibility via chat, phone and a ticket system, with limited waiting time for query resolution.
Additional features to augment a hosting package, including regular backups and supercache options for super speeds.

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Most hosts will make available multiple phpBB versions to ensure compatibility, with softaculous autoinstaller made available for easy phpBB installation while providing support for all the strenuous tasks involved.

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